July 19, 2022

Meet AIM Grant Recipient: Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation

Earlier this year, Global Health Council awarded its first-ever Advocacy in Motion (AIM) Grants to five civil society organizations. These grants are intended to support advocacy, []
May 8, 2014

Claim your Waterrights

Access to clean safe water is a human right, however millions of people are still deprived of this basic human right. According to the World health []
May 7, 2014

Preventing Plastic Marine Pollution

The flow of plastics into our environment has reached crisis proportions, and the evidence is most clearly on display in our oceans. It is estimated that []
May 6, 2014

Equity in Health Care

Health equity is the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. Achieving this requires focused and []