> Partnership
CHRIFACAF partners with other organizations to achieve synergies in our activities. We believe that by working with partners and forming strategic alliances, through collaboration, cooperation, sharing resources, experience and expertise, we and our partners can do things none of us can do alone.

> Justice and Service to the Poor
CHRIFACAF programmes serve people who are poor materially and in economic terms. We also serve those who have been disadvantaged and traumatized by social and political circumstances. To be just and fair, at CHRIFACAF, we believe that those who are the neediest in the community should be given priority.

> Participation
CHRIFACAF believes in our programmes and activities being shaped by the people and community we serve. Everyone involved in CHRIFACAF projects work together to achieve their self-defined vision and objectives. An effective programme promotes inclusiveness and encourages women, men and youth to share in leadership, decision-making, ownership and benefits.

> Sustainability
CHRIFACAF contributes directly to positive change in people’s lives through sustainable, locally driven development strategies that ensures long-term ecological, economic and social stability. However, as material and financial support is for a limited time, our programmes focus on helping people build on assets that benefit them directly; promoting self-reliance, not dependence, of people and communities.

> Starting from the Positive
We believe that every person and every community represents a potential resources, no matter how vulnerable they are because they best retain the knowledge, experience and relationships needed to influence positive change. This means valuing all that has been made by them. This basic operational principle originates from a positive approach to reality and helps persons recognise their own value and dignity and take up their own responsibilities.

> Accountability and Responsibility
CHRIFACAF believes that those who pay for goods and services retain a certain dignity and have a stronger sense of ownership. Therefore, we take our responsibility as stewards of your gifts very seriously and work diligently to keep our costs to a minimum. Reports on projects are given on a timely basis and the organisation takes responsibility for working toward the goals and objectives of the project agreement.